Collective use of spaces



I came to this forum hoping to find enthusiasts about collectively used spaces.

I am working on developing a DAO that helps organize and monitor this collective use of space.

This could be offices, as in co-working or offices with meeting rooms, it could be co-housing with shared kitchens, maker spaces, outdoor sitting areas, edible gardens or even collectively organized childcare.

The aim is to develop a tool that makes members of the community comfortable to contribute, knowing that their contributions will be acknowledged and rewarded. Members who cannot contribute time, labour and skills could make up for this by contributing other resources. This should by no means become a tool of supervision and control.

The tricky questions on the governance side are:

  • What are possible metrics that measure contributions in terms of quality and quantity?
  • How can these metrics be recorded or else determined?
  • What could the structure of the DAO look like?

I am very much looking forward to contributions and ideas!


I am interested in this concept too. The spaces I had in mind would serve a Member-driven purpose but a general space-sharing-cooperative-dapp is perfect.

In this case it would likely be persons opening their doors to others therefore they would determine the governance for their Space(s). Eventually the system could feature functionality to create “proposal” cooperatives crowdfunded via the system to become “Real Estate.”


Apologies for the slow reply.

This is a really interesting problem space, one that I have been diving into a little with my work at Colony.

We have a few co-working spaces that will likely adopt the Colony dapp as a means of managing their space and its activities.


looks nice, how is going with your project colony?
Do you have any use case in some city?


Hey, sorry to ask here but does any of you guys hold some dao tokens ? I’d like to get somes but can’t find any way to acquire them


Hi gnjax,

You can no longer acquire TheDAO tokens, TheDAO collapsed back in 2016.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


Yeah, Colony is going well!
We are gearing up for our dapp launch, so no use cases to share just yet. But keep an eye on for updates in the coming months.


Very cool.

I am working on developing a DAO that helps
buy land and tools, and need to know how to
organize and monitor this collective use of space.

Hope we can work together!