People first, tech second


For the last few years I’ve been collecting my thoughts on the concept of distributed self-governance before ever hearing the term DAO. And now that I’m starting to look at DAO and blockchains in more detail I find it’s very tech-driven, which as a solution architect I find very frustrating. We need to consider the problem from a people pov. The tech should support the use case, not drive it. I’m not convinced that blockchain is the answer we’re looking for. Instead, I’ve been working on the problem from another angle, and writing about it on Medium when I can spare time. It’s a huge project and we need help, particularly from a tech perspective as I’m not a coder anymore, I moved from tech to business a long time ago :wink:


In my opinion we don’t need to throw away blockchain tech just because is so complex, and not easy to understand for most of people. Now is too technical, just for coders, (or high skilled people) and excludes most of population, but this tool has the potential to build up self-government frameworks, maybe not in the firsts stages, it’s the beginning of a path. Although, in order to follow this, we need to develop another povs as well, not only in law, economics, or code, but maybe from a more sociological perspective.
People first and tech first.


I’m obviously a little biased, but I do tend to agree that it is perhaps a bit premature to dismiss blockchain tech as a potential solution.

I do, however, agree with this :point_up_2:
Whatever tech we build should definitely be human-centered.

@MYODemocracy think about DAOs as a tool, a set of rules, that a human-centered organisation puts in place in order to transparently codify how the participants in the organisation operate and cooperate with one and other.

With that said, I’ll dive in and have a read of your articles Danny.


Absolutely. Yeah I’m not dismissing it just yet, a future iteration may work just right. But consider alternatives as well.