So, where do we start?


Serious question, this is a huge topic and undertaking but even the longest journey begins with a single step, what is our first step?


Hey hey hey!

Well, this journey began in a galaxy far far a way back light years in time (2016)



Hi folks :slight_smile:
First step - first value - Freedom, and to be more specific - Freedom of Speech.


@kei since you kicked off this discussion, I would love to hear some input on what you would like to get out of this forum and where you would like to see the discussion go?

Are there any specific issues that need to be addressed?


Hi there, good place to start would be mapping out the landscape, is there a list or information resource detailing:

  • types of decentralized governance tools in production
  • known hard problems/good things to solve to scale out decentralized governance
  • The type or kind of governance decisions that production ready tools are been used for


Hello! So what is happening here? what is activity and benefits?


Hello! So what is happening here? what is activity and benefits?



is this active?


Sorry for the slow replies guys.

This forum is not particularly active yet. It was re-launched as a placeholder for the DAOZero effort, which seems to have stalled for the time being.

However, feel free to use the forum for any DAO related discussion.


How does one go about purchasing DAO tokens?

Thank you. I am very new too this all and would like a few recourses if possible.


Hi @Heliconia844.

Which DAO are you talking about?

If you are talking about The DAO, that project collapsed somewhat catastrophically back in 2016.

If you are talking about another DAO, then you will have to be a little more specific because there are many different mechanisms out there for joining / participating in DAOs.